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Training Commission


Principally based on discussion and exchange, the meetings of the training commission allow its members to debate on subjects that concern their every day work lives in the management of training services and to ask more general questions about their professional lives.

Themes addressed in 2014:

  • Presentation of e-learning courses on electronic money by HTS France. The e-learning solution was developed by HTS under the direction of Yves Randoux, monetary expert and former administrator of the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires.
  • Informatory meeting with Caraxo on the reform of professional training, directed by Philippe Bernier, director of Caraxo and legal consultant.
  • Intervention of Jean-Claude Faivre, general delegate of Handiformabanques: assists the recruitment and redirection of handicapped persons.
  • Presentation of Woonoz, e-learning long term memory training
  • Setting training in the context of a global trend towards the improvement of the quality of work life.
  • Foreign language training, presented by Progressio
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