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Methods and systems of payment Commission

The major topic of 2014 was, as expected, the migration of bank transfers and direct debits to SEPA. The commission thus focused on the impacts of this turn, and notably on the resolution of problems of outstanding debt, which has long been criticized.

The Commission:

  • Follows the increasing tasks of TIPSEPA, the management of demands of proof of the existence of authorization, and implementation of statistic collection by the Bank of France;

  • Discusses: the removal of cheques from circulation, the change to a paper-less system in banks, the impact of  the reorganization in the Bank of France of the distribution of paper money and;

  • Watches internet payments (MyBank, SEPAMAIL and GAFA) and new methods of authentication

In anticipation of SEPA 2.0 at the end of 2016, the next stage of the migration of instruments of retail payments will include, for the members of the OCBF, beginning to replace TIP and electronic payments, which should have completely disappeared by February 2016, the completion date for the change to IBAN Only for all of SEPA operations.

Furthermore, during 2015 the commission has concerned itself with the CICLADE project concerning the escheat of accounts.

The commission publishes its findings by means of ‘flash news’, dedicated emails, and Twitter from the account @OCBF_Paiements.

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