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Commission against money-laundering and the finance of terrorism


This commission, created in 2002, comprises of 100 members of which more than 30 meet 5 times per year to discuss one theme: the fight against money-laundering and the financing of terrorism.

The principle objective of the commission is to discuss the difficulties encountered in the interpretation and implementation of regulation, to look for solutions, and to identify the best practices. As with all OCBF commissions, it keeps up to date with changes in regulation and legislation, but a large part of the meetings are dedicated to the questions participants have on the difficulties they have encountered in their every day practices (such as long distance relations, identification of people who are politically at risk etc. ) The commission also examines the sanctions of authorities so that these practical lessons can be used in the implementation of measures in the fight against money-laundering.

Since 2010 a project group has brought together establishments with activities orientated towards Africa and the Middle East to discuss the problems they’ve encountered in the fight against money laundering. The main objective is to pool knowledge about these countries (legislation and local threats) and to formulate common practices on the treatment of operations.

In 2013, a project group was created for the purposes of following propsals of revisions of directives on the fight against money-laundering.

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