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Legal Commission

Confronted with an inflation of texts regarding legislation and regulation, as much national as European, and not forgetting copious jurisprudence, this commission allows the legal advisors of member organisations of the OCBF to share their questions, discuss their interpretations and to bring about better practices.

5 times per year the Commission joins together 30 legal advisors. Its role is to be up to date with all relevant regulation, legislation and jurisprudence, to analyse texts and decisions, to discuss the difficulties of implementation and to respond to the numerous questions raised.

The works of the commission, which number over 100, are sent to all members of the commission and all OCBF members can consult them on the OCBF website.  

Multiple project groups depend on the Legal Commission:

               Permanent groups: These follow a particular theme (credit, bank-client relations, and, in conjunction with the Conformity Commission, freedom of information). The group that works on bank-client relations works mainly on the clauses of the accounts convention which it must regularly update to conform to changes in regulations.

               Temporary groups: These follow a particular text from its formulation to its implementation (new regulation on payment services for example), or they respond to the consultation of authorities.

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