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Compliance Commission

Created in 2003, the compliance commission brings together all those in charge in their respective establishments of assuring the conformity of banking and financial activities to regulation, to the law, and to ethical and professional practices.

The commission aims to ensure legislative and regulatory monitoring. Participants can discuss the difficulties met during the interpretation and putting in place of regulations. In 2012 the work of the commission focused principally on the numerous positions, recommendations or directives published by authorities

Members of the commission meet regularly with the authorities of control and supervision, enabled through annual meetings attended by all members of OCBF, as well as through scheduled meetings on specific topics such as the implementation of EMIR regulations. The commission responds to the advice of the increasingly numerous authorities.

A toolbox helps with the fulfilment of certain tasks:

One of the functions of the compliance commission is to contribute to the formation and enforcement of a culture of conformity within the establishments it works with. The commission writes records on conformity, with the aim of making all partners aware of the risks of non-conformity.

18 records are already available: insider trading, door-to-door sales, conflicts of interests, etc.

Check-lists: to help with conformity control, the commission has created checklists of the principle controls ensuring conformity to professional and regulatory obligations.

5 lists are now available: quotes on websites, measures for the treatment of complaints, measures for mobile banking etc.








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