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Services we offer to our members

A research department which has the task of analyzing the large number of texts influencing the activities of banking and financial institutions or impacting their structures. The department provides assistance for current banking or financial regulatory concerns as well as solutions to the interpretation and implementation of new regulations.

A technical and strategic monitoring team encourages discussions about the banking and financial professions. Our teams participate in the works of the Banque de France, the Comité français d’organisation et de normalisation bancaires (CFONB), the Centrale des règlements interbancaires (CRI), the Groupement pour un système interbancaire de télécompensation (GSIT) and many others. This allows the OCBF to keep its members informed about major developments and to relay their concerns to the appropriate counterparty.

The OCBF is also a partner of the Association française des professionnels des titres (AFTI) with regards to the securities professions.

Project groups specialized by sector invite our members to contribute to their work. These groups allow their members to remain up to date with recent professional and sectoral developments, to analyze the professional regulation, to establish contacts and to share experiences. Presided over by a banker, these committees are under the responsibility of an OCBF staff member who, in turn, disseminates the information among the organization’s members.

These project groups involve more than 460 collaborators from a hundred different institutions. More work groups are created when current events necessitate.

Regular publications The OCBF has several means of communication with its members: the Bulletin d’information, issued by the research department and monitoring teams, targets legal and fiscal departments. 

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