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Who are we?

The Office de coordination bancaire et financière (OCBF) is an organization that joins together 135 financial institutions, most of which are small and medium-sized French entities, subsidiaries or branches of major French or foreign groups

The organization’s distinguishing characteristic is the willingness and commitment of its members to work together and to share ideas. The OCBF provides real expertise in the monitoring of banking regulation in order to help its members and facilitate their operations.

Despite several mergers and restructurings in the banking industry, the organization has maintained a constant number of members throughout the years. The consistent new additions to the OCBF are an indication of the sector’s dynamism which continues to benefit its diverse and enriching community.

The OCBF is a professional association primarily aimed at promoting discussions among the management teams of its members and at considering the impact upcoming changes.

The OCBF is also an intermediary between local authorities and medium-sized financial institutions that facilitates dialogues, interactions and the integration of the latter’s concerns.

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